Zoomers Skate Club

1683 Marion Mt. Gilead Rd. • Marion, OH 43302 • 740-389-5554

Zoomers Lessons

Beginner Lesson Schedule

Lesson 1

1) Learn how to fall without injury
2) How to properly get up after a fall
3) March in place
4) March walking
5) March while rolling a short distance
6) One skate glide from the "T" position
7) How to stop using the "T" position

Lesson 2

1) March using longer glides
2) Gliding on one foot while pushing off with the other
3) Squat while moving
4) Flamingo lift switching legs
5) Hop on skates
6) Weaving in and out of pylons
7) Leg lifts as the go around pylons

Lesson 3

1) Cross overs while going into curves
2) Backwards march while rolling a short distance
3) Backwards stop using toe stops
4) Backwards skating

Lesson 4

1) Overview of all the above

$40.00 for the 4-week program (includes skate rental)