Zoomers Skate Club

1683 Marion Mt. Gilead Rd. • Marion, OH 43302 • 740-389-5554

Zoomers Lessons

Super Skater Program

Level 1 Requirements:

1) Stopping or Braking within 10 feet without falling
2) Maneuvering in and out of a set of 10 cones within 100 feet
3) Forward crosspulls performing one repetition in a circle
4) Balancing on one foot skating a distance of 50 feet
5) Skater is to pass under the limbo pole without falling or touching the bar at a height equal to their chest

Level 2 Requirements:
1) Forward crossovers of at least 6 across the rink
2) Backwards Scissors one sequence across the rink
3) Skater must perform a two foot jump with a 180 turn revolution
4) Skater does any spin of two or more revolutions
5) Skater completes two laps around a speed track in 45 seconds or less
6) Skater must display a technical skill using the hockey stick

Recommended Equipment:
- Wrist Guards
- Knee Guards

Cost for this 8-week program is $10.00 per lesson